In the early 1700's Rococo supplanted the Baroque style. Rococo is much fancier than Baroque. It's signified by shell-like curves and much decorations. Rococo followers like "beauty"; silk, silver and porcelain.

In England, Rococo was always thought of as the French taste, and was never widely adopted as an architectual style. Nevertheless, William Hogarth helped develop a theoretical foundation for Rococo beauty. Though it does not refer to the movement he argued in his Analysis of Beauty (1753) that the S-curve (e.g the arm and leg of a woman, clouds...), which was prominent i Rococo, was the basis of grace and beauty in art or nature (unlike the straight line in classicism).

Rococo didn't last long, it was exceeded in the middle of the century by the formalis and balance of neoclassicism.

File:Thomas Gainsborough 008.jpg
Thomas Gainsborough, Portrait of Jonathan Buttall, 1770.

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