Studying for the British Cultural Studies Exam

I can't remember that studying for this exam the last time was as difficult as it is this time. There's so much to study. And I have to study it all over again, since I've forgotten everything. And I have to study for the American Cultural Studies aswell, and for the literature. And writing a VFU report... I have a lot to do, lucky me...Or?

Right, I'm going to study two periods of time for the exam and I've chosen the 18th century and probably the 19th century aswell. And I've chosen Jonathan Swift as one of my writers I'll write about, and probably Constable and Millais as my artists.

The 18th century is also known as the Age of Reason and the Augustan Period (because the educated during this time were influenced by the Roman Empire).

Jonathan Swift wrote Gulliver's Travels in 1726. Swift is a famous satirist, he is known to be a specialist on two styles of satirism; the Horatian and the Juvenalian. Swift also wrote poems, but he is the most famous for his prose.

Gulliver's Travels is satirical. The first part of this book, when he is in Lilliput land, Gulliver observes the court of the land which is intented to satirize the court of George the first (the king in England during this time). Swift also represent the feuding between the Protestants and the Catholics in this part with the war between the Lilliputians and the Blefuscudians. This book gives a satirical view of the state of the European Government.

Another important writer from this era is Daniel Defoe, and his novel Robinson Crusoe (1719). Defoe is considered to be the founder of the style Novel. In Robinson Crusoe he writes a lot about religion and sins.

I need to study a lot more. And eat. And sleep. And work out. Well, first thing first: study.


Chirst, I miss the gymnastics! I haven't been there for almost three weeks, but I haven't had time for it! And that's sooooo annoying! Tomorrow I'm going, don't care if I have time or not! I'm going, no matter what!

Today I went to B1 and she finished sewing my dress for the wedding on  Saturday! It's is in a goldish yellow colour, tight and short. I like it! We also watched Seventh Heaven, I had forgotten how much moral it includes! That's just NOT normal, hate American tv-shows! Except of Heroes, Lost and Gilmore Girls. But I don't watch the tele anymore so why do I bother really?

Na. Got to get back to my studies! Darn.


Tired of it at the moment

Yepp, would like the VFU to end now. I'm quiet tired of it at the moment, one would think I would be used to it by now. But no. I'm always tired and stressed. And always after my VFU-periods I always feel like I don't want to become a teacher. I would much rather like to be a journalist, or something like it. Mm, a guide. Or an intepreter. But not a teacher, who in the world does really want to become a teacher? To work waaay too many hours, get a lousy salary, annoying kids who are unthankful and ungrateful. Who whants that? For real? I don't. 

Christ, annoying.

Went to Kärstin and Stig's place yesterday before I picked up Phoenix again. Kärstin told me to "hang in there" and that I should not give up. Was like if she could read my mind. Always wondered if she has a weird sixth sense. She always knew when I was lying when I lived with them. But it was nice to meet them again. They gave me food. Nice of them!

Phoenix is fine. She licks her stomache and tries to bite of the stiches, so I have to look after her the whole time. Michael took care of her while I was in Nyköping. Now both of them are sleeping. And I'm sitting by the computer trying to plan for this week. Teachers really have to have a creative mind. Didn't believe that when I went to school. But I didn't find my teachers boring either (with a few exceptions).

Heard a song on the radio a couple of days ago. Can't remeber the artist or the rest of the lyrics, but I fell for a sentence: "I don't want to turn my life around, I like it upside-down". Thought it was cute.

The weather forecast for the weekend is supposed to be "Mediterranian-wise". Would be great if we could hang in Folkparken and play some brännboll, and Kubb. Maybe also have a barbecue?

Well, I'm off planning! See ya!


Yes, Gotland was nice. But it wouldn't hurt if it could have been better weather! I'm not complaining! (Just so you know)

First I went to my mum's place in Sthlm where my niece also was. She's so cute! She told me she could write her own name, and I've never been prouder in my entire life! She's amasing! She also wrote Malin, I saved the paper she wrote on. I'm going to put up it on my wall!

She's so cute, I
could just die!!

Then, we went to Nynäshamn with mum's car, all three of us. We took the "färja" (Meia-Mira learnt that word during the queue into the ferry). She sat on needles the whole trip, she has never been on a ferry before.

When we arrived in Gotland, Thomas, mum's fiancee, took us to our hotel (Gute) and later on we decided to have dinner at a fancy restaurant in Stora Gågatan in Visby. Fancy, Fancy, expensive, expensive. And lousy service! But Meia borrowed my pens and drew a lot, she drew a monster for me! The best monster ever!! (Noticed that I'm a very proud aunt?!)

Well, we went to a lot of meetings and even though I have been to many AA, NA and DAA-meetings before, I have never spoken in one before. So this was my first time! Mum was so proud and started bragging about me and what I did! I didn't even say anything peculiar or impressive; just said thank you... sort of. Haha, when I describe it, it feels like I'm describing an evening worship at a church.

Well, I had a great time with mum, niece and Thomas.

Now I am back in my appartement with my beautiful cat. I'm going to the vet with her today. Now it's time to castrate her! Oh, I hope she will be alright!!

Bless you Cutie-Pie!

It is Michael's younger brother's birthday today. He turns 15. Big boy! And I heard a romour that he has a girlfriend now:D Many things happen when one's gone... I hope I have time to visit him today, I don't think I'll be able to but it would be nice to question him about her :D Hehe... I have to plan for the upcoming week with my VFU, I haven't done anything while staying in Visby (I had Meia-Mira on my mind the whole time...) So that's what I'll do now when Phoenix is at the vet and hopefully, before my gymnastics, I'll have time to visit Marcus.

Walpurgis Night

Jag är hemma hos mamma nu, jag kom hit igår efter min praktik! Och gissa vad jag märkte? Jag har glömt min mobilladdare hemma och jag har inga batterier kvar på mobilen nu... Typiskt....

Så nu vet ni ju om jag är helt okontaktbar!

Praktiken gick väl bra första veckan, jag var inte så förberedd som jag ville vara och jag hade inte planerat så mycket ändå! Men det var roligt att träffa mina "elever" igen...

Nu ska jag, mamma och Meia-Mira snart till Gotland!

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