Barouqe forms were still popular in the beginning of the century (as they would also be in the end). Baroque exemplified drama and grandeour. Baroque iconography was direct, simple, obvious and dramatic, it's a development from classical architecture. The Baroque period in Europe lasted from about 1600 to 1750 (From the Stuarts period to the Age of Enlightenment).

Baroque was designed to appeal the emotions rather than the intellect. Great Engish Barouqe architects : Christopher Wren, who, after the Great Fire of London, built over53 churches. He renovated the famous ST. Paul's Cathedral in English Baroque style.

Baroque started the era Age of Enlightenment, and was later supplanted by Rococo in the early 1700.

File:Rubens Adoration.jpg
Adoration by Peter Paul Ruben, 1624, oil on canvas.


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