Partied out

Yepp, I'm quite partied out! I have been partying everyday since Dave got here. Today it's a light day, so we're going to rest today, and tomorrow aswell, and party hard again on New Year's. I sound like a drunk, no? But it's NOT so, I would never let that happen to me. Michael looks so tired, you can't believe it really. He is always tired in the morning, but it usually sorts out during the day. But not now =) 

This saturday I had a party at my place, and this dude Henrik wanted to cut Michael's hair. I did it once, and it looked okey (I'm very surprised by my talents...) But Henrik wasn't very good, it looks absolutely awful! So Michael is going to get a professional haircut today, and I am going to look at the sale and laptops. I am finally going to buy a new computer, I don't know how long I have been waiting. And I can't never describe how much I need it. The computer I got now is soooooo broke!

Next time I'll write in my blog is from my new notebook!! NIIIIIIIHIIIIIIICE!

Postat av: Sofia lilla gummsan! Du har ju en länk till något ställe..


Du loggar in, sen ''Arkiv''..''Länkar''..''Ny''

Sen så skriver du bara i:

Ååå, det var Cafe´ Soda Reunion idag...Där missade du nått. Steven var där ;)


Puss puss

2008-12-29 @ 22:44:13

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